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Online Transformation Coaching

The Leaner For Life Plan

A Proven Online Transformation Plan To Easily Lose Fat, Keep It Off For Good,

and Finally Take Back Control Of Your Health!

Are You…

    • Frustrated with secretly snacking or weekend binge eating derail your diet, making you feel like you “fell off the bandwagon”?

    • Exhausted because it’s tough to muster the motivation or disciple to just stick to a generic program?

    • Worried that you’ve struggled to lose weight (or keep it off) in the past and it’s now affecting your long term health?

    • Unhappy with the reflection you see in the mirror 

    • Confused with what diet to follow, foods to eat, and what training you should be doing for your bodytype?

    But Want…

    • To drop stubborn body fat around the stomach, love handles, ‘bingo wings’, and reach your ideal bodyweight

    • To feel healthier, be more energetic, and look 10 years younger

    • To take back control of your diet and weight loss whilst still enjoying life and eating the foods you love

    • An easy to follow plan written to your preferences and lifestyle that gets results and is sustainable

    • To attract confidence, live longer, and improve your relationship with food 

    I Get It… I’ve Been There. Thats Why I Created Leaner for Life




    Leaner For Life Includes:

    Meet Your Coach

    My Name Is Lee Bearley I’m a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and specialist in body transformations who’s helped hundreds of women and men lose fat, build tone, and achieve their ideal weight.

    Through professional and personal experience, I know what it takes to transform your body, and that’s why I decided to bring my results proven Leaner For Life Program to life

    Why Listen To Me?

          • I’ve completed over 3,000 hours of Personal Training over a career that’s seen me be a Master Trainer with Virgin Active and David Lloyd
          • Cambridgeshire Personal Trainer Of The Year
          • Transformed hundreds of men and women from being out of shape, unconfident, unhappy… to feeling great, having confidence, and look their best

    My goal is singular. I want to create the go to business for your body and your health. I believe that every single person has the right to own the body of their dreams and I work hard every day to make it possible for my entire client base. You’ll find that my honest, educated and experienced take on personal training cuts to the core of what’s important. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and when you’re going to get it. My results are my passion and my clients are my fuel.

    Lee Bearley

    Does Leaner For Life Really Work?

    Take a look….

    Below is a small handful of people that decicded to work with me, take action and transform their lives forever!







    How My Training Program Will Deliver You Results

      • Gene Expression Training that unpacks your genetic potentially and burns off twice as much fat creating a whole-body toning metabolic approach specific to your body type
      • State of the training plan, finally doing exercise you enjoy
      • Freedom Tracking and Lifestyle Navigation plan to suit your body type, lifestyle, personal preference and busy schedule
      • Accountability, guidance, weekly check-ins to keep you on track and our weekly Rapid Response call
      • Daily motivation and support with the Leaner For Life community and ‘MEMBERS LIBARY’

    Gene Expression Training that unpacks your genetic potentially and burns off twice as much fat creating a whole-body toning metabolic approach specific to your bodytype

      • Step by step and easy to follow training plan (for beginners to advanced)
      • Gene Expression Training Matrix that maximises fat loss and rapid strength gains!
      • Get fitter, move better, and speed up your metabolism with strategic training complexes.
      • our specific plan is accessible via the Leaner For Life training mobile app. 

    A personal plan exclusively written for you so it fits your world, your life

      • There has never been a higher quality plan that caters to every man or woman on an individual basis. Where as most coaches will just give general meal plans, generic training and generic support hoping that it sticks to the client
      • Me and you, we are a team. All decisions, adjustments, amendments, and components of the plan it self has your preference and lifestyle at the forefront of the decision making process
      • Home workouts? yoga? gym? nutrition? together we will get it covered

    Freedom Tracking and Lifestyle Navigation plan to suit your body type, lifestyle, personal preference and busy schedule

    • Easily track what you’re eating so you lose weight week after week without making your “diet” the centre of your life.

    • A unique nutritional and supplementation plan exclusively for you that I promise will produce startling results!

    • Metabolic Rejuvenation so that you can function as a lean, healthy and vibrant human being, have decent energy levels, and not be frightened of eating “bad food”! Life is for living.

    Accountability, guidance, weekly check-ins to keep you on track and our weekly rapid response calls

      • You will receive support and accountability through weekly coaching and check-ins.
      • You will get access to the private Leaner For Life community Facebook group where I will personally be online daily to answer your questions and posting training & nutrition tips.
      • Connect with other like-minded people looking further daily motivation, accountability, support and community

    Become a member of the Leaner For Life “MEMBERS LIBARY”

        • Leaner For Life member’s site is where you can download all the diet, training, lifestyle and mindset content needed to further support your plan.
        • Access all Eating Out Guides to make the diet a piece of cake.
        • Lose weight and get healthy, but you’ll also learn how to maintain it in a way that’s easy and enjoyable… So nutrition and fitness fit into your life without becoming the sole focus of it.





      Fleur Lost Over 4 Stone And Gained More Confidence

      Fleur has completely transformed her body and lifestyle, for the better.⠀

      “Along with overall confidence and a complete lifestyle change, I have gained knowledge and understanding about the benefits of weight training, especially for women.”

      “My only regret is not finding Lee sooner!”

      Fiona Dropped 2 Dress Sizes And Got Stronger

      Before Leaner For Life, Fiona felt generally unhappy and tense trying to juggle work, home and social life.

      “I had a feeling that I wasn’t focusing enough on myself and I thought that working on my body could help me get in better shape – both mentally and physically.”

      Fiona has come a full circle – from someone who didn’t believe in the gym training philosophy, she has now turned into someone who can’t wait to start her morning training.⠀

      Neil Got “Photoshoot” Ready

      As a busy business owner, Neil showed that being busy is no obstacle to getting in incredible shape!

      “The reassurance, attention to technique, accountability and care provided is excellent and Lee has a wealth of experience. You cannot buy experience! I was amazed by my transformation as I didn’t expect to reach these results and proud that I had represented Lee as best as I could. I have gained the tools and training skill set I can use for life. Lee has restored my faith in Personal Training – putting back the “personal” into PT.”

      Lindsey Lost 30lbs And Regained Control

      Lindsey had tried every diet and weight loss plan you can possibly think of. She would lose weight, gain it back, lose weight, gain it etc… this lead to being in worse shape every year and in less control of her eating.

      “Lee showed me a way that I could manage my nutrition without giving up the foods I loved. As well as how to train in the gym correctly so that it would change my shape”

      Paul Lost Over 25kg And Packed On Solid Muscle

      Having never been happy with his body, Paul reached out with a ideal look in his mind that we quickly got to work on.

      We’ve now lost over 25kg, dropped over 20% bodyfat, and significantly increased his muscle mass. 

      “The difference with Lee is he takes into consideration your lifestyle and discusses decisions with you” 

      A Reminder Who Leaner For Life Is For:

      Those Who Are Unhappy And Fed Up With How They Look & Feel And Want To Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Build A Lean Toned Body And Live With More Confidence

      And What You’ll Get:

      A Step By Step Bespoke Coaching Program That Includes
      Personal Coaching, Accountability & Ongoing Support, Customised Diet & Training Program

      That Gets Results… Fast!

      YES, LEE!


      Here’s what to do next:

      Tell me a little about your transformation goals by filling out the application form below and you’ll be re-directed to schedule in a Discovery Consultation with me to find out if my Leaner For Life Program is right for you


        Do I need access to a gym?

        We will be working together anywhere between 1-2x per week at the private facility. Ideally you would have access to a commercial gym for further workouts on your plan but if you don’t then that isn’t a problem as I can write home bodyweight workouts or home workouts with minimal equipment.

        How long will it take to see results?

        When you commit to this program and follow both the diet and the workout parts, you’ll start to see results fairly quickly. Some people see results by the end of the very first week (though of course, everyone is different and results are entirely up to you and if you follow the program, as well as how much work you put into it).

        That said, I’d like to encourage you to approach this as a lifestyle change, and think about it with a long-term mentality. This is a marathon, not a sprint – but when you implement the dieting framework and push yourself in the workouts, you’ll see noticeable changes in the mirror within the first month.

        How many workouts do I have to do each week?

        3 workouts per week of 60-minutes maximum is the ‘sweet spot’. The reason working out only 3 days per week is so effective is because of a concept I created call Gene Expression Training, which is specifically designed to maximise fat loss every workout. If you can only do 1 or 2 you will still get results though.

        Is this program for beginners? (What if I'm not "advanced" with working out?)

        This program is for everyone – whether you have experience training and dieting or not. If you’re more familiar with the exercises, you can jump into the appropriate place. If you’re a complete beginner, I have all the resources and videos to support you on your journey, so you can confidently implement this program and see the results you want.

        How is this program different from other workout and diet programs?

        Leaner For Life is different in a couple major ways… First is that it’s designed to help you lose weight by fitting fitness and dieting into your existing lifestyle (instead of making fitness and dieting the center of everything). Second, it’s designed with built-in flexibility, so you don’t have to feel like you’re restricting yourself or not able to have the things you want.

        Does this program come with meal plans?

        No, there are not full meal plans included. Instead, this program teaches you the framework of how and how much to eat, so that you can lose fat around any lifestyle or obligations you presently have. You’ll be able to take this strategy and apply it to your own situation so you can eat the foods you love and still lose weight.

        Lee Bearley Fitness